BAZOOKA TOOTH Def Jux Documentary 2002 FULL Mp3

Aesop Rock - Bazooka Tooth Lyric

[Verse 1]
Diamond cutter spine
Armadillo armor that bends around the blades
Bugs in the beard
Ebony in the lungpiece
Bricks in the Timbs
Bazooka in the tooth that he's flashing at your friends
This is the lifestyle, baby
Know and sip the recipe
Not a single innocuous side up in the centerpiece
Oh my god
Journalists across the globe are officially critiquing my first eight bars

[Verse 2]
Piety for the fam, embargo piggybackers
Navigate sim-city backwards
Bazooka Tooth, baby!
Zephyrs less dextrimental expect to tone down terrordome for starter crews
Like jousting Pompeii with a garden hose
If you wake up to the sound of helicopters bumping Wagner
It's bodycast to Pilates class
Buckle in the Bronx back alley batting cage with bottle smacks

Drag them prophecies, be them celestine or Mothman to the bumper boat monster mash
See, the pristine kittens fiddle with new yarn
Decrepit sickly dogs get shot behind the barn
One shan't put in long hours like Tim Leary's lava lamps
To be second headlined under the boy born with lobster hands
Isolated, biological phenomenon
First nocturnally orchestrated car alarms
Y'all sketch portraits of your neighbors, tack em up without fail
See a robored pitchforks and alligator tails [?]
Offical Max Fischer Blume break cable clipper (Def)
Picket train buffer, the riverboat, and the switcher (Jux)
Pipe-dreaming that so fresh and so clean plummage
Is an appleseed of bore that resorts to Bazooka Tooth shit

You don't want me smiling at your cameras

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BAZOOKA TOOTH Def Jux Documentary 2002 FULL
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